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Structure of the courses D

Course D: 6 day course (36 hours)

Location:  Prague, Czech Republic

Eligibility requirements for the DNS Course D include:

Eligible participants will be recommended by DNS instructors to the Admissions Committee for consideration.  Approved applicants will then be invited to apply and must meet the following criteria for participation in Course D:

  • Completion of A – C courses and at least two additional DNS workshops.  The additional DNS workshops may include repeated A-C courses, DNS skills review sessions,  DNS special workshops  e.g sports performance, neurological disorders, pediatrics, etc. 
  • Receipt of Certificates of Achievement in Courses A, B & C
  • Application for Course D must take place no earlier than three years and no later than seven years, following completion of Course A.
  • Demonstrate adequate handling skills that are evaluated by the respective instructors during workshop practice sessions

Course Objectives

  • Discus details pertaining to DNS: advanced topics presented by Pavel Kolar, utilization of DNS within various medical fields (musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, neurological, paediatric, internal medicine, gynaecology, etc.), ideal motor functions; advanced case assessment & treatment demonstration, with follow-up discussion with Pavel Kolar and then the physiotherapists regarding findings and rationale for techniques he used.
  • Review of developmental position, kinesiology content, transition movements, and assessment in dynamic tests.
  • Kinesiology of reflex locomotion and spontaneous anticipatory movements during DNS exercise, modifications of DNS positions and integration with reflex locomotion principles (side lying, kneeling, prone, supine, higher position – bear, squat, tripod, high kneeling) – workshops in small groups under the supervision of Prague DNS instructors.
  • Mobilization techniques based on developmental kinesiology principles (C, T, L spine and rib mobilization).
  • Focus on some specific types of diagnoses – scoliosis, radicular pain syndromes, headache, vertigo, shoulder, hip, and foot problems.
  • Paediatric topics: demonstration of infants and children with developmental problems, functional assessment, treatment strategies, handling, parent’s education, live paediatric patient demonstrations.
  • Assessment & treatment/therapy plan of real patients utilizing DNS; i.e. attendees assess, establish treatment plans, provide treatment & appropriate exercises, frequency of care & prognosis.
  • Viscero-vertebral and vertebro-visceral patterns: practical aspects in assessment and treatment.
  • Workshop DNS-based yoga techniques.
  • Lecture on how DNS can provide performance enhancement in the athletic population: contra and ipsilateral patterns in athletic performance.
  • Refine DNS manual skills - workshop in small groups; practicum with physios with and without patients.
  • Practical examination of participants.

A Certificate of ATTENDANCE will be awarded by Prague School of Rehabilitation

Examination Fee:  200 Euros included in the D course price

The test will consist of a written exam and practicum. Knowledge, observational & manual skills will be evaluated on an on-going basis throughout the course by the instructors.   A written exam will be given to the participants after the conclusion of the course. The written exam should be completed and submitted back to Prague School.

Upon successful completion and passing of the course D and tests, a Certificate of DNS PRACTIONER from Prague School of Rehabilitation will be awarded. 

You will be recognized as a CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER in the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization approach.  

 Advantages of being a Certified DNS Practitioner

  • When you earn your certification, you can choose to haveyourname listed on the Prague School Rehabilitation website for a one-time fee of 20 Euros. You are required to take at least 1 DNS course every 3 years to retain your certification status.
  • Updated information or articles/research pertaining to DNS
  • Advanced practice sessions with Prague physiotherapists
  • Special advanced courses with Professor Kolar and/or Prague PTs.

May only re-take the test 3 times.

The clinician would be required to repeat one or more courses, to be determined by the DNS committee and based upon weaknesses noted leading to failed testing, before re-qualifying for certification testing.

Prague, September 2009: First DNS course D



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