Prague Summit - August 12-18, 2019

  • Course “D” 
  • DNS Instructors course
  • Advanced skills course focusing on training the tennis athlete
  • Training Stabilization in Strength and Conditioning

Prague is indeed magical, and so was the August 2019 combined D Course and Instructors’ Course! DNS and the Prague School are growing in size and stature on the world rehabilitation stage and it is an honor to be a part of that.Thanks to Pavel, Alena and the entire Prague School team for making the week both an unforgettable professional and social success!

Craig E. Morris, D.C., DACRB
Clinical Professor, Retired, Cleveland Chiropractic College, USA

Over the last five years the Prague School of Rehabilitation and its DNS concept and teachings have become integral into the way our tour assess our athletes and how we actively care for them, it is foundational to our approach and has revolutionised Surfing Medicine”. The Prague School team from top to toe rules the world.

Dr Christopher JamesProsser

Medical Director

World Surf League, Australia

DNS D course is not the final part of DNS educational trackbut another start.

I have taken many DNS courses but still I couldn’t put all the details together because it’s such a deep study. So, the D course is necessary part of education for every DNS student. This is the real start.

Mingoen Song Physiotherapist, South Korea.

First time introduced to the DNS in 2012 I attended courses A, B, C and sport 1, 2, 3 and finally the D course. All DNS courses have been a very good experience. I have learned a lot about human movement. It has been very specific for my needs in my naprapatic practice. Pavel Kolar and all the other instructors have transformed my understanding of musculoskeletal pain syndromes. This has really changed how I treat and train patients. The D course in Prague in August was awesome because of all the good support I received from the instructors. We had a lot of practice which was really good training. The dinner out was great and also talking and getting to know other attendees from all other places. The D course was an excellent end to the DNS education. I can highly recommend the final D course in Prague.

Gunnar Bokneberg

Leg. Naprapat, IMS, DNS, Sweden



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