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DNS Trainer Practical Certification Test

This test is the test to become a DNS Certified Trainer.

It is performed at the end of the DNS Exercise Part 3 course.

The test requires you to demonstrate and explain the following functional DNS tests:

  • Describe optimal performance of the tests below.
  • Identify any stabilization faults on your colleague for the tests below.
  • Explain possible causes of the abnormal stereotype for the tests below.

  • Diaphragm test in sitting
  • Diaphragm test in prone
  • Intra-abdominal pressure regulation test in supine
  • Intra-abdominal pressure regulation test in sitting
  • Head flexion test in supine
  • Thoracic extension test
  • Quadruped test
  • Bear test
  • Squat test

Describe Exercises in the following developmental positions:

  • 3months supine & modifications
  • 3months prone & modifications
  • 5 months side lying
  • 6 months supine
  • 7.5 months oblique sitting with forearm support
  • 8 months oblique sitting with hand support
  • Quadruped exercise – modification for shoulder girdle and arm
  • Quadruped exercise – modification for pelvic girdle and leg
  • Tripod
  • High kneeling
  • Bear
  • Squat
  • Hanging stance

You are required to demonstrate the exercise on your colleague. You should be able to suggest any corrections to perform properly and explain possible modification for progressions. Describe when and why you would use such exercise positions.



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