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Karolina Ptakova, MPT

Karolina Ptakova completed her master’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2011 at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Palacky University, in Olomouc, Czech Republic. While pursuing her physiotherapy studies, she also completed the ERASMUS study program at Satakunta University of Applied Science in Pori, Finland.

After receiving her master’s degree in physiotherapy, Karolina began her professional career in Prague working for the Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, 2nd Medical Faculty, Charles University, University Hospital Motol.  Initially, Karolina primarily worked in the field of adult rehabilitation, but as of 2014, under the supervision of department head, Prof. Pavel Kolar, she expanded her practice into the realm of pediatric rehabilitation. Karolina has had the opportunity to work at both, out- and in-patient, pediatric rehabilitation departments, where she treats infants with dysfunctions such as developmental delays, scoliosis, and poor posture, as well as more serious disease like cerebral palsy and hemato-oncologic illness. 

Karolina also uses her expertise as a yoga trainer to lead a variety of group exercise classes for children, including specialized sessions for children who suffer from obesity.

Throughout her career, Karolina has completed a multitude of courses in the fields of Physical Therapy and Functional Rehabilitation including Neurodevelopmental Treatment according to Bobath (for pediatrics), Kinesiotaping, and Mobilization and Relaxation Methods according to Lewit.  Her continuing education has also included courses focusing on the management of idiopathic scoliosis, as well as the application of yoga principles to pediatrics and rehabilitation.  Finally, due to Karolina’s extensive training in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolar, she has been proud to serve as a DNS instructor since 2015.

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