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Lenka Oplatkova, MPT

Having completed her Physiotherapy Bachelor’s degree at the Third Medical Faculty of Charles University, Prague, in 2002.

Lenka Oplatková began working as a physiotherapist at the Rehabilitation Clinic of the University Hospital Motol in Prague with a focus on post spinal cord operational treatment. 

In 2005 she acquired her Master’s degree at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of  Charles University. She became a staff member of the Rehabilitation Clinic of the University Hospital Motol headed by Professor Pavel Kolar where she spent a number of years working at the Spinal Cord Unit, including as head of the unit, thus obtaining a wide range of experience with neurologic patients. Since her return after her maternity leave, she works within the Outpatient Department of the Rehabilitation Clinic where a large number of the clients are neurologic and orthopedic patients and also athletes. 

When treating athletes Lenka specializes mostly in runners and tennis players. 

Lenka has completed numerous professional courses such as courses of the Prague School of Manual Medicine & Rehabilitation, Reflex Locomotion according to Vojta and many others incl. Fascia mobilization by Stecco, Mojžíšová, McKenzie, sports training and medical taping. She received a certificate of the successful completion of a training course with the Lokomat.

She serves as a certified instructor for “Kolar´s Approach to Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization: A Developmental Kinesiology Model” She taught numerous courses both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as in other European countries, North America, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China, and the Philippines. She contributes to the success of this highly prized concept with a unique blend of a rich knowledge background, pedagogical skills and an open thoughtful approach towards her patients, students, and colleagues. 

Apart from the DNS, she serves also as an instructor in rehabilitation to both medical and physiotherapy students at Prague’s Charles University.  

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