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Petra Valouchová, MPT, Ph.D.

  • Petra graduated with a Master’s degree from the Department of Physical Therapy at Palacky University in Olomouc in 1998. She achieved her Ph.D. in Kinanthropology with a focus on Biomechanics in 2001. Her main interest is biomechanics and the kinematic analysis of gait. 
  • Since 2002 Petra worked as a physical therapist at the Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine Department at the Motol University Hospital in Prague. 
  • Petra is a university teacher of physical therapy at the Charles’ University Medical School. Her lectures include Sports Medicine, Biomechanics, Bobath Concept and Vojta Reflex Locomotion methods. She has also specialized in surface electromyography assessment and has published several articles regarding surface electromyographical studies.
  • As of October 2011, Petra became Chief physiotherapist at the Centre of Movement Medicine located in Prague (http://www.cpmpk.cz) which is one of the two private clinics owned by Professor Kolář where she oversees both departments of physical therapy since 2018.
  • Petra is certified in

       Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Vojta Reflex locomotion principle,
       Mobilization and Soft Tissue Techniques according to Lewit, Bobath Method for adults,
       Stecco Fascia Manipulation, and Dry Needling DGSA

  • She also completed courses in

       Neurodynamics according to Butler, Barral Institute method of Visceral Manipulation,
       and Mulligan concept

  • Petra is an expert in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and is also a certified Instructor in Developmental Kinesiology and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization since 2002. 
  • Her main focuses in DNS are sport medicine, running athletes, pediatrics, junior athletes, and foot problems. 
  • Petra has been a Fitness Step Team World Champion in 2003 and 2004, and European Champion in 2004.
  • Petra currently resides in Czech Republic, near Prague with her husband, daughter and son.