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Marcela Safarova DPT, Ph.D.

Ms. Safarova graduated from Charles University Dept of Physical Therapy and specializes in rehabilitation of locomotor system dysfunction. She works as a physiotherapist of the Rehabilitation Department at the University Hospital Motol in Prague. 

Ms. Safarova is a certified Vojta therapist and she is going to be the certified assistant for Vojta´s method teaching. She has trained and worked with Professor Kolar and Dr. Kobesova at the rehabilitation department for several years, where she treats both adults and children. Recently she is focusing more on the pediatric clients and specializes on the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. She regularly instructs both medical and physiotherapy students at the hospital. Fluent in English, Ms. Safarova has worked as an assistant skills instructor for several Professor Kolar's courses for international clinical groups who came to study in Prague, in addition to lecturing on his methods in Denmark, Sweden, Austria, China, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, Jordan, Australia and USA. In addition to reflex locomotion methods, she is a certified teacher of Professor Karel Lewit’s techniques, just finished the second level of Stecco FM course in 2018. She is graduated from Charles University Prague June 2009; PhD thesis: Musculoskeletal System Dysfunction in Patients in Long-Term Remission of Wilms Nephroblastoma.

She resides close to Prague with her family.


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