DNS Pediatric Courses 

for Medical Professionals

3 x 4 day course (72 contact hours) 

Structure of the DNS Pediatric educational track:

  • The basic Pediatric DNS Course (part 1) is over 4 days 
  • The intermediate Pediatric DNS Course (part 2) is over 4 days 
  • Advanced Pediatric DNS Course (part 3) 4 days 
  • The Final Course D is over 6 days. This is the general course taking place in Prague both for participants following the standardized educational A-D track and the Pediatric DNS track.

DNS Pediatric educational track ground rules:

  • Students who have completed the Basic Pediatric course (part 1) can register to the Intermediate Pediatric course (part 2) or to the standardized course B (they do not need to attend the Standardized DNS A Course)

Eligibility requirements to apply for the final DNS course D (6 days course in Prague, by invitation only):

  • 1. Completion of pediatric courses parts 1-3, and at least two additional DNS workshops which may include: repeated pediatric courses 1-3, DNS standardized A-C courses, DNS skills review sessions, DNS exercise courses etc. 
  • 2. Receipt of certificates of achievement in pediatric DNS courses parts 1,2,3 or in standardized DNS courses parts A,B, and C.
  • 3. Application for course D must take place no earlier than three years and no later than 7 years, following completion of DNS pediatric course part 1 or DNS standardized course A.
  • 4. Demonstrate adequate handling skills that are evaluated by the respective instructors during workshop practice sessions

A Certificate of ATTENDANCE will be awarded by the local instructor to each participant. 



Participants who would like to take part in the educational track towards becoming a certified 

practitioner can take this exam for an additional fee. Participants are required to return the test to 

the Prague School instructor within 8 weeks following the course. Upon successful completion and

passing of the test, a “Certificate of ACHIEVEMENT” from the Prague School of Rehabilitation 

will be awarded.

Pediatric DNS 1 test:

The test consists of 40 multiple choice questions and 10 picture questions.

Test fee: 60 Euros

Pediatric DNS 2 test:

The test consists of 10 videos of babies and 10 pictures of babies. The student is asked with each image to describe the developmental age, including physiologic and pathologic presentation, and to explain the answers.

Test fee: 120 Euros

Pediatric DNS 3 test:

The test consists of 10 videos of babies and 10 pictures presenting assessment and treatment procedures. The student is asked with each image to describe the functional clinical picture, and comment on demonstrated treatment and suggest optimal treatment strategy, and to explain the answers.

Test fee: 120 Euros

Student may only re-take each test 3 times. The clinician would be required to repeat one or more courses, based upon weaknesses noted in the failed test and determined by the DNS committee, before being able to re-qualify for the certification test.


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