Robert Lardner, PT

Robert Lardner graduated from the Department of Physical Therapy, Lund’s University, Sweden in 1991. He has worked in inpatient / outpatient rehabilitation facilities in Sweden prior to moving to Illinois in 1992, where he worked as a staff physical therapist at McNeal Hospital, Clearing Industrial Clinic and a supervisor of physical therapy at Mercy Hospital. 

He has also been in charge of physical therapy services at a number private outpatient and sports clinics, and in addition teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses at both the Southern California and the National Universities of Health Sciences. He has studied with Professors Janda, Lewit and Kolář from the Czech Republic who are pioneers in functional rehabilitation and manual medicine. Over the years he has taught different courses in the field of rehabilitation utilizing techniques and approaches of leaders in this field whose philosophies he deeply appreciates, these include manual therapy, gait and movement analysis, exercise, and reflex philosophies & techniques. At present he is also an international DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) instructor.

Currently, he is in private practice in Chicago and continues to teach various seminars throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. 

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