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Katerina Jezkova, MPT

Katerina Jezkova successfully completed her Bachelor's degree in physiotherapy at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague in 2020 and is currently completing her Master's degree in physiotherapy at the Slovak University of Health Sciences in Bratislava, with expected graduation in 2024. 

Since 2020, Katerina has been working in a physiotherapy practice in Slany. There she treats patients from newborns, through athletes to seniors. She is involved in the development and actively leads DNS group exercise classes for young ice hockey, football and basketball players. She also does group exercise with seniors and assists in a Iyengar yoga group for multiple sclerosis patients. In her post-graduate training, she completed a number of professional courses such as Visceral Manipulation, Iyengar Yoga in Rehabilitation, and a course in the diagnosis and treatment of functional musculoskeletal disorders. She is currently training in the course Application of Developmental Kinesiotherapy according to Vojta in movement disorders in childhood.

Since 2022 Katerina has been managing social networks for DNS.

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