Hyun jeong Cho. PT, DNSP, MSc

Hyun-jeong Cho is the first Korean physiotherapist to become a certified instructor in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolar. Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Hyun-jeong participated in Taekwondo and several sports from an early age, which guided her interest towards the movement system and sports-performance training. Following her interest in the movement system, she completed her bachelor’s degree in exercise health management from Namseoul University, and earned her Physical Therapy degree from Shin-Gu University. She subsequently obtained her Master’s degree in exercise physiology from Korea University. Her clinical career has been greatly influenced by Clare Frank, PT, DPT, MS, who has also been influenced by the Prague School of Manual Medicine faculty.

Her ties to sports continued on from her personal experience to her clinical career. She served as a medical coach for the Russian short-track speed skating team and as a personal physiotherapist for Yuna Kim, a gold medalist in women’s figure skating in 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Hyun-jeong was also the chief medical advisor for the Korea Skating Union from 2015 to 2018 in preparation for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.

Hyun-jeong currently practices in Seoul, Korea, as the director and owner of ‘Performance-Physio Training Center’, in which she provides clinical services from post-operative rehabilitation to high-performance training to diverse patient population, from the general population to elite Olympic-level athletes. She is also the director and owner of NARAE Institute, an educational institution which provides continuing education programs, certification courses, and mentorships for physiotherapists and trainers in pursuit of knowledge. As the leading trend in physiotherapy industry in Korea, her mission is to provide advanced and qualified continuing education programs to share her knowledge and experience to fellow physiotherapists. Hyun-jeong made appearances on various TV shows providing general medical knowledge and teaching home exercises. She also participated in translating books with other clinicians , such as ‘Strength Training and Coordination: an Integrative Approach’ and ‘Playing with Movement: How to Explore the Many Dimensions of Physical Health and Performance’. 

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