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A 16-minute video demonstrating DNS application for a competitive runner to optimize athletic performance and prevent repetitive strain injury and recurrent/chronic pain.

DNS Sport

This 42 minute video demonstrates the possibilities of optimal trunk stabilization training and strengthening according to DNS concepts utilizing undifferentiated positions: supine, standing, squatting, bear, quadruped and sitting. Numerous modifications are explained in detail, how to use various aids in the gym and how to distinguish appropriate exercises from typical errors.

The video is an invaluable aid to all athletes, fitness and other sports coaches, as well as to the general population, interested in learning optimal methods of exercise and strengthening. The exercises are described and explained very clearly so that a layman, without professional training, can appreciate the apply them. Finally, healthcare professionals will be able to utilize this video as a tool for everyday work with clients and patients.

DNS Sport - Part 1

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