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This videobook presents a complex didactic approach to the mobilization and relaxation techniques including self-treatment. It corresponds to Prof. Lewit ‘s book „Manipulative Therapy in Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System“ and will be very useful not only for those who attend courses in musculosceletal medicine but for instructors and for all health-care personnel engaged in manipulation therapy

Mobilization and Relaxation Techniques

Mobilization and Relaxation Techniques in Pain of Spinal Origin

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I.The head and neck, Total time: 56 minutes

Introduction, The Orofacial system, The C/C  junction,

The cervical spine C1-C7, The C/T junction

II.Thoracic and lumbar spine, Total time: 58 min.

Thoracic spine: Anatomy, Examination and mobilization of the T spine and the ribs , Muscles of the thorax Lumbar spine: Anatomy, Examination and mobilization of the L spine, Self-treatment

III.The pelvis, Total time: 44 minutes

Anatomy, Examination of the pelvis,

Sacroiliac joint, Pelvic muscles, Hip joint

I.The Upper Extremity, part 1

General rules, The hand: total time: 47 minutes

II. The Upper Extremity , part 2

The elbow, The shoulder, total time: 42 minute

III.The Lower extremity

The foot, The knee, The hip: total time 48 minutes

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