Perfect help for all rehabilitation experts explaining the exercise position to the patients and comparing the patient’s postural-locomotion pattern to the optimal developmental patterns shown on the posters to determine a weak link (functionally decentrated segment) within the global postural-locomotion chain.

Two posters depicting developmental positions for DNS exercises

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Size: 58x87cm (22.8 x 34.2 in), Printed on YUPO® material:  strong, water-proof and resistant to grease, oil and stains.


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including shipment

1 set = 2 posters,

Posters delivered in a firm paper tube with 4 plastic slats and a small hook for immediate hanging.

Developmental positions starting at 3 months through13 months are demonstrated in both, an infant and an adult. Posters also demonstrate basic principles of core stabilization, ipsilateral and contralateral locomotion patterns and open and closed kinetic chains.


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Rollup banner

All developmental positions in one rollup banner.

Size: 209 x 90 cm (82,3 x 35,4 in)

Size in portable bag: 10x10x90 cm (3,9x3,9x35,4 in)

Weight: 2,75 kg (6 lb)


including shipment


Rollup banner is delivered with bag and all necessary parts for easy installation.

209 cm

82,3 in